Purchase QR code system: How it works and its benefits

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  • It reduces your time for customer billing. 
  • You can check the product details on the QR stickers too. 
  • A patient can also scan a QR sticker and get to know about the product's details like uses and side effects from eVital Application (Patient Application).

The standard format of QR sticker size

  • The sticker size should be 28mm(width) by 21mm(height).
  • The sticker paper roll should be 93mm.

How you can print the QR sticker from the software?

  •  There are 2 ways to print QR stickers from the software
    1. After adding the purchase bill you can print a QR of the whole purchased items as a given quantity (manually quantity can be changed ).
    2. From inventory, you can print a particular product's QR print (quantity can be changed).

QR Print Setting


  • If on the 1st try print is not coming properly it means you have to calibrate your printer. Please find the below youtube link for your reference: 
  • Use the keypad on the printer or touch panel to find the function: Menu > Sensor > Calibration > Auto Calibration.

How QR looked after giving a print?

  • In the 1st screenshot, you can get the print.
  • In the below screenshot, you can find how it looks on the product. 

How did QR sticker help in Sales?

From the Desktop

  • While making sales bills you can scan the product and automatically data on that product is fetched from it. 
  • Also if the same product wants to sell with multiple quantities and the same batch just needs to scan that QR and quantity will multiply. 
  • This scanning of products happens in seconds.
  • You can scan QR stickers with a scanner gun. (Note: Please use a 2D scanner)
  • As per the below link, data will fetch through QR stickers. 

From the Mobile Application

  • Open the application and click on sales > There is an option to scan the product.
  • As per 2nd screens shot product details will fetch through stickers. 

Printer Suggestions: (click on the name to redirect to the page)  

  1. Zebra ZD220t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer.
  2. TSC TTP 244 PRO barcode printer
  3. Rugtek
  4. PC42T Desktop Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

QR Gun Suggestions: (click on the name to redirect to the page)  

  1. Honeywell HF680 Scanner
  2. Rugtek CD 3200U 2D Scanner


1. What are the details available on the QR stickers? 

  • MRP, expiry, Location, Product name, and batch if you have updated the distributor name so it’s soft form and pharmacy name

2. Can we make any changes to the QR stickers?

  • No, There is no option to make any changes to the QR stickers. 

3. Can we print stickers with a laser printer?

  • No, for the better resolution we always suggest using a thermal printer. 

4. Can we print QR from eVitalRx Application? 

  • No, there is no option to print stickers from the application you can only use the desktop version from it. 

5. Printer installation is provided from the software side? 

  • No, You have to contact any nearby printer person to install the driver. We will help you to set up a QR sticker set. 


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