Add items to Digital Shortbook (Order book)

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Why do we need to add Items to the Shortbook?

  • If you manage the shortbook properly, you can track your orders by managing the order status.
  • You can manage how many Qty you have to order according to the Minimum & Maximum Qty you have selected.
  • When the stock goes low, you have to manage Shortbook to order a product, and also you can manage product order Qty.
  • What item is ordered from the distributor and we get it from one place and from there we can also check which product we have ordered from which distributor.
  • Your stock will be well maintained.

How to add Items to the Shortbook?

There are multiple ways you can shortlist items in Digital Shortbook 

Directly from Inventory

By reviewing Sales Bills that are already saved

While making a new Sales Bill 

By searching items in the Digital Shortbook 

  • Adding an item to the Digital Shortbook will automatically pick your last Distributor from your purchase entries. But, you can change distributors.

From Order Assistant

By setting Minimum & Maximum Qty

  • If you sell any product and its quantity falls below the minimum quantity, the system will automatically add that product to the Shortbook.
  • The system adds the order quantity in Shortbook as per the maximum quantity you select.
    • i.e. If you have "50" stock (In Tablet) in "X" product and you have selected "40" Quantity in Minimum and "60" Quantity in Maximum. 
    • Then if you sell that product with "20" quantity so your stock will be "30" then the system will add it to Shortbook as its stock has fallen below the Minimum quantity and will also select its order quantity.
    • Like, currently if the stock is "30" and the Maximum quantity is "60" then the remaining "30" quantity will be added to the shortbook so according to that, you can set your Minimum/Maximum Quantity.
  • To update the Minimum & Maximum Qty, click here.

From Mobile App (eVitalRx)

From Inventory

From Shortbook


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