Update Minimum/Maximum Quantity

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  • To avoid overstocking and over-investing in Non-moving Items.
  • If you sell any product and its quantity falls below the minimum quantity, the system will automatically add that product to the Shortbook.
  • The system also adds the order quantity in Shortbook as per the maximum quantity you select.
    • i.e. If you have "50" stock (In Tablet) in "X" product and you have selected "40" Quantity in Minimum and "60" Quantity in Maximum. 
    • Then if you sell that product with "20" quantity so your stock will be "30" then the system will add it to Shortbook as its stock has fallen below the Minimum quantity and will also select its order quantity.
    • Like, currently if the stock is "30" and the Maximum quantity is "60" then the remaining "30" quantity will be added to the shortbook so according to that, you can set your Minimum/Maximum Quantity.
  • You can update it manually from the inventory page or while entering purchases. 
  • You also can update it in bulk from the Profile.
  • You have to update Minimum/Maximum Quantity in loose/in Tablet*

At the time of Purchase Entry

From the Inventory Page


From Profile (Bulk Updation in the entire system)


  1. Do we have to manually select all products after setting the minimum and maximum stock in bulk from the profile?
    • No, If you have updated the Minimum and Maximum stock in bulk from the profile, the system will calculate the average sale for all the products and add the Minimum and Maximum stock according to the Minimum week and Maximum week you have selected in the entire system.
  2. Do we have to update the minimum and maximum quantity compulsorily, can't I add a product to shortbook without it?
    • No, it's not compulsory. You can add the products to the shortbook manually also. But if you have set the minimum and maximum quantity, the system will add the products to the shortbook automatically if their quantity falls below the Minimum quantity.

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