Upload CSV for a purchase entry

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Why do we need to upload CSV for a purchase entry?

  • Creating new purchase entries by uploading CSV makes the process accurate, easy, and fast. 
  • You can use the time you save in other productive activities to grow your business.
  • A chemist who creates purchase entries manually spends approximately 2 -3 hours daily on that process.

How do we upload the CSV for a purchase entry?

From desktop

Upload CSV via Gmail Integration

Upload CSV (Manually)

From the Mobile Application


  1. How to Integrate Gmail into the system?
    • For Gmail Integration, click here.
    • Later you need to add the distributor's Gmail id so the file will be fetched.

  2. The system was showing Request CSV after selecting the Distributor so how can I upload the CSV?
    • If the distributor's CSV format is not mapped to our system, the system will show the request CSV option.
    • There you have to map the CSV format once.
    • For CSV mapping, click here.
  3. Do I have to Request mapping every time while doing purchase entry for the distributor?
    • No, it is a one-time process for a new distributor.
    • You only need to Request mapping for the Distributor once and the next time you will be able to Upload CSV directly. 
  4. Does your software support any type of excel file? 
    • Yes, We support Excel format also!
  5. Can we upload a PDF instead of a CSV file?
    • No, We do not support PDF file for purchase entry as this type of file are not editable. 


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