Add an item manually to a new purchase entry

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  • You need to enter the item while entering the purchase because if you don't add the item, you can't see how much stock is available in your store.
  • If you sell any product without entering a purchase, your stock will show you a negative(Minus) so your stock will not be managed accurately.
  • You can't see their expiry and the non-moving items also or where you purchased them from.
  • If DI comes for checking you'll not have a track of the scheduled drug product.


  • You can enter the purchase entries manually from both the mobile app and the desktop.
  • You have to click on Purchase and then you'll get an option to add a new purchase bill.
  • Enter the distributor name and bill number. Then you have to enter the product's all other details, like a Batch number, expiry, MRP and etc. You can search Items by Brand Name, MRP, content, or Barcode. (Press enter to jump to the next column)
  • Follow the same process to add another product to the bill.

How to enter the item manually into a new purchase entry from the desktop?

How to enter the item manually into a new purchase entry from the mobile app?


  1. Do I have to create the product database manually?
    • No, We already have created a database of more than 3.5 lacs products, in which we added Product Names, Salt composition, Manufacturers, MRP, and Product Photos.
    • We have also created a barcoded database of more than 40000 FMCG products, so you can enter the products scanning company printed barcode.

  2. I can't find a product in your system, so how can I enter that? / I'm not able to add a new product through the desktop, what should I do?
    • You can add a new product through the mobile app because you can't add a product photo through the desktop.
    • For that, click here.

  3. Is it necessary to add a product photo when we add a new product to the system?
    • Yes, It is.
    • Because when you add a new product to the system, it is only added to your database.
    • We have a data team, and they will add that product to the centralized database after verifying the product with a photo they'll add an additional details to the database like salt composition (By which you can see the alternative products in the system), Manufacturer (From which you can identify the products with different manufacturers in the system)
    • Or If that product is already available in the system, the data team will be verified and mapped with it.

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